Hey, I'm Seth!

Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by.

​A little bit about me, myself, and I:​

  • I grew up in Queens, New York (longtime suffering Mets fan here), but I currently live in Jerusalem with my family. No, not Jerusalem, Ohio - I mean THE Jerusalem. Like, in the Holy Land.

  • Yup, you guessed it, I'm Jewish. Orthodox, even. I’d imagine it’ll show up in my writings sooner or later.

  • Yes, I was that kid in elementary and high school – you know, the idiot who handed in a fourteen-page paper when the assignment was for six or eight. Yeah, that was me. Always messed over the kids who used the cover sheet and the bibliography in their page count. Sorry guys. Couldn’t help it. It’s a reflex.

  • In terms of literary influences, I grew up reading a strange combination of Clancy, Crichton, Tolkien, and Rowling. So if my novels seem to be a weird mix of YA, fantasy, thriller, and sci-fi, well, you’ll know why.

  • When I'm not writing, I'm teaching Judaic Studies at an American seminary here in Israel. When I'm not doing that, I'm studying Torah, training for the next marathon, listening to stand-up routines (the purest form of comedy), playing guitar or violin, or reading anything I can get my hands on. Oh, and chillin' with the fam. Family first, y'all.

  • If you’d like to say hi, I’d love to hear from you! You can find me on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram... or use the contact page on my website. Happy reading, and take care!



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