The Guardian Lineage

Book One of the Guardians & Gargoyles Saga

Life is about to change for sixteen-year-old Mike Prior. He’s slated to attend Windham Manor, a school for descendants of the Guardian Lineage, in order to learn how to protect a clan of gargoyles during the daytime. With all the promise of sorcery, kinetic powers, and magical-dueling, the new gig sounds awesome, for sure. 

Except for the war that’s apparently been brewing. 

A cult of sorcerers called the Black Brethren seem to think Mike’s own power is the best way to touch off an inter-species Armageddon, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. Mike’s been dropped into a web of assassins, spies, and necromancers, and no one’s even told him the rules. And as much as he’d like to sit back and hone his flamethrowing, he’s got to figure things out, and quick.

Because if the Brethren don’t get to him, his closest friends just might.

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